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  1. I keep my new Zeiss 16-70 lens on the camera almost all of the time. The only problem I have is that with the Sony lens cap securely in place, the front of the lens is always getting full of dust. Does anyone make a 55mm cap that protects the lens better. The dust can generally be removed with a blower or lens cloth.
  2. Hey Jeffreykmd:Have you seen the pictures? They are sharp (excellent auto-focus), real colors, no distortion. The Olympus 1.7 extender is the solution to my problem.
  3. As a secondary note, these were cooked with Authentech's "perfectly clear" plug in filter for PS Elements.
  4. desert_view


    Yea too much clarity, contrast and sharpness!
  5. These photos were taken with sony A6000, with 55-210 tele plus olympus 1.7 extender.
  6. Hi, I received the Olympus 1.4 extender today from Amazon and carefully unwrapped it. It's in perfect condition. I mounted it in front of the 55-210 Sony zoomer and knocked off about a dozen shots. Each shot looked sharply focused with no apparent color aberration. So far, it's a winner!! Next I put the RAW images through adobe RAW and PS. The images in jpg are fine. I am one happy guy. I would like to attach some of the image examples without putting them on my website. How???
  7. I will have it from Amazon by next week and try it. Will let you all know its pros and cons.
  8. Thanks for the responses!!! I have read the questions and reviews for this extender. Most are positive so long as you stay away from the 55-100 zoom range. For relatively infrequent use and it's low price it might work out for me. It is certainly a lot cheaper than the 400 (600mm) equivalent f4 sony lens at around $2000. This rig costs only $130 plus adaptor ring and tax. I generally support the telephoto lens when I shoot so I don't think it will damage it. If it doesn't work well I can always return it to amazon, and keep on looking for a way to solve my problem. Note that the crop factor of the a6000 really is 1.5 so the net zoom of this contraption is 1.5x1.7x210=535.5mm
  9. Is there a extender/adaptor to increase the 55-220 kit lens or 18-200 to about 400mm, with fast auto focus. If not a sony product, what? Actually I need a net of 500-600 mm reach at about f8.
  10. I have used a SEL18-200 successfully on my A6000 for about a year, that is until today. I tried to take long shots of fast and slow moving model airplanes. I had difficulty getting the camera to focus using aperture priority f7 against a bright blue sky. I tried both auto focus and continuous focus settings. Through the viewfinder, at all focal lengths, the focus seems to wander, never really locking in. At long zoom, it would not focus at all. For long shots, sometimes I could get it focused at medium zoom and then follow the subject and crank in the long zoom successfully. So, does any one have an idea of what is going on. Tomorrow I will try my kit 55-210 lens to see if it will work. let you know.
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