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  1. Last weekend I covered a model sailplane event using my new RX10mIV at up to 1200mm equivalent (Clear image zoom). Here is an example
  2. Hi Pieter Thanks for your encouragement. I took a lot of family pics with the rx10 over Thanksgiving. They were all OK to very good, especially of my son's large chocolate lab puppy.
  3. Since my reply on July 28, I have done well financially and purchased (GAS) a Sony RX10MIV. So far, I am amazed by the clarity and sharpness of the Zeiss zoomer even when using "clear image zoom" out to 1200mm(35mm equivalent). This feature (CLIZ), when enabled, works seamlessly with the electronic zoom control. On the other hand, with CLIZ on my A6500 and 70-300 lens, you get only one multiplicative setting, because the lens doesn't have electronic zoom. In addition, another feature of the RX10MIV is the high speed zoom reversal custom button which is amazing when you suddenly lose track of the target and need a wider view to find it. So now I have three cameras, all good, and probably 2 lenses I don't need. I have several model airplane events coming up which I will cover for my club newsletter. I will display some RX10MIV images starting in the next 2 weeks.
  4. Complete change of approach to achieving a good long zoom using the A6500.!!!!!! After reviewing many alternatives, I have settled on buying the Sony FE 70-300 G lens for long zoom for the following reasons: 1. I can get the following 35 mm equivalent focal lengths first with optical zoom 100 to 450mm of exquisitely sharp raw images and second with "Clear Image" digital zoom 200 to 900 mm of adequately sharp jpeg images. 2. The combined image stabilization (6500 body and 70-300 lens) is so effective that hand-held photography is easy. I have only had the lens for two days, so I don't have any showoff images yet. So look forward to seeing some in the next week.
  5. The similarity of controls and performance of the Rx10m4 overcame my resistance to the expense of a new camera. Actually the Rx10m4 is a lot cheaper than the new 200-600 zoomer and much lighter.
  6. Hi cymmgarcia, I really like your recommendation about the RX10IV. I have two questions for you. 1. Are the menus and controls similar to the 6500? and 2. Is the external flash operation the same as the 6500? Regarding question 1 , for example, does the RX10IV have the "FN" button like the 6500?
  7. That price is way beyond of my means. I am sure that something much cheaper would be a good seller.
  8. Hi Satman, You said "Hopefully, when released these will be easier to get then the 400mm f/2.8 GM. " What did you mean? More affordable?. Plentiful(not scarce)? I have been saving my pennies for months waiting for a fully compatible long reach lens for my a6500.
  9. Hi Pieter, Thanks for your input! I guess I'll just wait for a few months and see what develops. Meanwhile I am using the Olympus 1.7 extender on the front of a Sony 55-210 zoom lens. This rig yields about 535mm for equivalent 35mm, and the 6500 focuses well and quickly in bright daylight.
  10. It seems that you may be ignoring that the 400+mm lens I want is for an aps-c sensor, so the glass should be smaller in diameter and therefore lighter.
  11. I have given up on adapting alien lenses to my 6500 camera. So I really need a light weight, full functioning autofocus 400+mm Sony e mount lens for the 6500. I know that Sony does not yet sell any such lens. Sony has an e-mount FE series lens for full frame sensors which will work with the 6500 but weighs too much and does not have enough reach (300mm). There were some rumors that new lenses were coming out this spring. Does anyone have any inside information on what might become available in the next few months?
  12. I have been looking for a long lens, say 400+ mm (35mm equivalent 600mm) that doesn't weigh more than 1kg(2.2 lbs). Sony doesn't make one like that. So, I look at adaptors and off-brand lenses with no knowledge of which combinations will actually work well. By work well, I mean auto-focus quickly with correct exposure and provide the functionality of the 6500. Where can I find information about such combos if they even exist?
  13. Hey, Just google Olympus 1.7 teleconverter. Lens screws to front of 55-210 kit lens with a dual thread adaptor.
  14. I decided to try out the steadying gimic on Sunday, jan. 27. It did help a lot, but I discovered that in bright daylight, major improvement in sharpness could be achieved with higher shutter speed. The example below was taken in slow burst mode with shutter priority 1/2000 sec.. Note that the propellers are not fully blurred (preferable) but (hurray) the airplane focus is sharp. Other vitals include A6500 body, 55-210 kit lens, Olympus 1.7 extender, center focus and bright sunlight. (I wanted to show more examples so look at my website after the Jet rally February 17) www.desert-view.smugmug.com
  15. I have looked up the product that supports and steadies the camera. It can be viewed at https://www.simaproducts.com/collections/camera-photography-accessories/products/sima-videoprop-neck-strap-support-for-dslr-svp-3 I will be experimenting with this neck strap gimic on 2/14-2/16 2019 at our annual RC jet rally. If interested in seeing gorgeous turbine-powered, 200 mph jet models and sharpening your panning skill see the club website www.cvrcclub.com for directions.
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