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  1. Raging wild fire in California. The ashes covers large part of sky, and gives a strange hue. Sunset in the distance glows in unusual cherry red. Not a happy day for those who lost their houses 30 miles from where this photo was taken earlier today. Cross my fingers for those brave firefighters.
  2. Spotted this scene last night strolling along southern California shore.
  3. Yes, I was in higher ground with steep slope facing the sunset, catch more light from the sky.
  4. Thank you, glad you like it.
  5. Captured sunrise on Christmas Day, at Point Reyes, California Happy New Year to all.
  6. This photo shows the Half Dome from behind, with wild fire burning nearby. Shot with A7R2 and 70200/4
  7. The smoke from california wild fire softened the edgy rocks in the back ground, with morning sunlight shedding on dry grass
  8. Catch the sunset in the valley before smoke set in from California wild fire
  9. PHW


    A kitty walking down in late afternoon.
  10. We are having a torching heat wave in southern california right now. The sunset, behind a hazy seascape, is fully soaked in bloody mary.
  11. PHW

    Partial Eclipse

    yes, taken on August 21.
  12. Partial sun eclipse over cloudy sky in southern California
  13. First light, Saturday morning, San Joaquin Hills, California A7R2, 70-200/4G
  14. On Father's Day eve A7R2, 1635/4, Nisi Filters, Manfrotto tripod
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