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    alasdairmac got a reaction from rhooman in Recovering video files from semi-formatted FCExpress card   
    I think that stopping the formatting at mid-point will have made it impossible to recover any files that were on it. May I suggest that for the future you set the camera to write your video files to both cards and in that way if you make a mistake or something goes wrong with one card then you always have the other one. 
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    alasdairmac reacted to thebeardedgroundsman in Sony, No Military Support???   
    Which nation?
    Japan? China?Iraq? U.S.A.? Russia?
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from LiveShots in Sony A7iii Image Size problem   
    Just like it:  spent hours trying to find the answer and get it just after I posted this.  I did find the instructions for setting Menu Item "APS-C/Super 35mm" a bit confusing but have now reset them to "Shooting" = Auto and "Shoot:Manual" to Off.
    Hope this maybe helps someone else who experiences the same issue.
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from mechanical_eye in A6000 , saltwater, badluck & hope   
    Salt water is corrosive and so you may well have caused permanent damage. Even fresh water could have caused a circuit to short out. If you value the camera, maybe think about taking it to a repairer for an assessment and quote.
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from slackercruster in Photographing old photos   
    If your object is simply to create digital copies of the old photographs, you would be far better using a scanner set to high resolution. Even using the one on my HP DeskJet the results I can get are far superior to anything I could get from photographing them
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    alasdairmac reacted to Jeffreykmd in How do I convert raw to jpeg in camera?   
    What phone are you using?
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from aporodagon01 in Photos look well exposed in live view -- but look dark in Lightroom   
    What you see on live view is a processed image, a mini jpg if you like, whereas your raw file is as it's name implies -raw and unprocessed in any way. Raw images will always need some processing in Lightroom to bring out their full potential.
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    alasdairmac reacted to rayparlour88 in Long lenses on holiday   
    Hi there,
    I will head over to Alaska in the Summer (bear watching, boat trips etc.), and looking into a safari to Africa next year. I am looking for a "lightweight" solution to take a longer AF lens with me.
    The long zoom lenses options (Sigma 150-600mm C with mc-11, or the Tamron 150-600mm with LAEA3), are almost 2kg/4.3lbs each. 
    Shorter, native alternatives FE70-200 F4 and FE70-300, are lighter but miss the reach.
    Canon 300mm F4 or 400mm F5.6 with Metabones IV lack the versability
    Canon 100-400mm with Metabones IV is the worst AF performer of the bunch?
    I currently own the 55F1.8 and the 28F2, which for me is enough to play around <100mm
    Any advise would be helpful,
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    alasdairmac reacted in Battery drain without using the camera (A7mII)   
    It happens, you can't fight it, learn to accept it ... connecting the USB cable will keep the battery charged.
    Maybe, with the next camera, Sony actually makes a proper effort.

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    alasdairmac got a reaction from Souljasteve84 in Using generic batteries!!   
    Haven't tried these. I use Duracell ones in my A77ii. Slightly more expensive than most 3rd party batteries at £20+ each but they appear to last just as long as Sony's own.
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    alasdairmac reacted to Dollanganger in In Turmoil! Upgrading Sony a350 to ???   
    This is my first ever post on this forum.
    I’ve been searching for a good photography forum for years but haven’t found one. Why? Because I’m lynched by as a “Sony fan boy” even though the subject at hand was about photography in general and not brand specific.
    I’ve been on machine gun forums that were friendlier. (not kidding)
    Many of my friends are die hard Nikon or Canon users. That’s fine. The each their own. People should use whatever equipment suits their needs best.
    I’m actually surprised by the responses. I agree 100%! I too chose to upgrade to the A77ii and have been extremely happy with my decision over the A7 series.
    Why? I guess it depends what type of photography you’re doing. There were several unique features on the A77ii. The single biggest one was FAST FOCUSING! There is no second place. It’s truly in a class all of its own.
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from Z√© De Boni in In Turmoil! Upgrading Sony a350 to ???   
    I upgraded from an A55 (which I've kept) to an A77ii and I have absolutely no regrets. The 77ii is a superb camera, definitely one of the best APS-Cs you can get - and it will be fully compatible with your existing lenses.
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from aporodagon01 in Recommendations please for A77ii lens   
    I'm looking to treat myself to a decent A mount lens in the 18-75mm or so f1.8 category for my 77ii. Any recommendations borne out of user experience out there please ?
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    alasdairmac reacted to Singingsnapper in Dawn around Buachaille Etive Môr   
    Was up at 5 this morning to make the drive down to the Buachaille Etive Môr, one of my favourite mountains in the world.  
    A7RII FE 24 - 70 GM 
    S Morning view of the shepherd 2 copy by singingsnapper, on Flickr
    S Morning view of Shepherd copy by singingsnapper, on Flickr
    Baits 18
    S View from side of the Shepherd copy by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from Walking Englishman in A new lens for my Sony Alpha A35   
    Try Amazon - they will offer a good variety from several manufacturers including Sigma and Tamron as well as Sony themselves. Or take a look in eBay for a pre-used lens but just be careful about the vendor there or you could easily get ripped off.
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    alasdairmac reacted to alasdairmac in "Incompatible battery"   
    I'm using a mix of Sony original and 3rd party batteries in my A77ii with vertical grip and have never had any issues at all. Could it be a rogue battery? Have you tried them singly in the grip and see if you can isolate the problem to one of them, or to one of the grip battery compartments?
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    alasdairmac reacted to GARoss in Tony Northrup shows his lack of knowledge about the A-mount lens history   
    Jaf-Photo, Colorado & Enochdhu: Please answer this. Whether it's 30%, 33% or 1/3 f/stop less light reaching the sensor, is this a deal killer? In other words, is the reduction of light significantly lower & noticeable enough to not purchase the a99ii & go with comparable priced Canon or Nikon cameras?
    There's always a balancing act going on when trying to decided on which product to get. I like the features of the a99ii over the Canon 5dmk4, Nikon D810A & even the Sony a7Rii. But 95% of all I do is photo so image quality is very important. Canon 5dmk4, Nikon D810A cannot touch the a99ii for video & if light can be compensated by 1/3 f/stop to match Canon & Nikon quality my decision for an a99ii is a no brainier.
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    alasdairmac reacted to etane1 in Minimum ISO when shooting video is 200   
    hey, I don't have it enabled.  I never played with profiles before but just verified that it's off. 
    I did test by putting the camera in profile 1 and 2 where the min. ISO is 125 but still the min. ISO is 200 when recording video.
    Just found out A7's iso lower limit for video recording is 200 stated in the manual... coulda sworn I recorded below that before.. but guess I was wrong.
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    alasdairmac got a reaction from AndyWear in Photogoraphy Insurance   
    Here in Scotland most house contents insurance policies will cover up to a set limit (usually £2000) for loss of or damage to contents while out of the house. I found that extending that limit to cover my kit was a lot less expensive than taking out dedicated photographic cover.
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    alasdairmac reacted to RRFilm in Formatted card by accident - Recovery Possibilities?   
    It actually happened because I was filming one project in NTSC and then later the same day switched to PAL for another one, when the camera asked me to format the card. I stupidly confirmed and regretted it the next second already But it was too late.. the format had started and even when I switched off the camera it kept going until it was done. I may have been able to remove the battery, but oh well would it make a difference? Anyway, let this be a reminder to all to be careful with the format button eh!
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