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  1. How bout instead of a complete pan you just turn a short amount, then do a fade or a cut - walk over to a new angle, continue a new short pan?
  2. Your using a $3k+ camera but a kit that costs around 10% of what you paid for just the body of the camera alone is too expensive? Poor sound quality makes even 8k (it exists) pictures look amateur Check out the ZOOM HN4 and ZOOM HN2 both can do what that kit can do at 1/3 the price. You can us the aux in on the hn2 and record directly to the card, mix it later in your editor. Im sure the sound cards of those mixers are better than the a7rii OTHER THOUGHTS: Long cheap aux cables make all kinds of noise and pull in static/radio interference im not sure how far away you are from the preout but you could try upping the quality of the cable your using and see how that works.
  3. You can use menu 1 of the gear icon and in marker settings turn on 80 or 90% safe zone and it will no longer do this crop is the crop normal for shooting in 4k? Im not quite sure, and not sure if anyone has had enough exp with the camera yet
  4. I just tried every possible combination for frames and quality (M) for 4k and mp4 I found that Mp4 does not crop anything but like a action safe area out. Yet all 4k settings do a super crop. I will hunt the menus for something about cropping.. thanks for the lead!
  5. What is happening? Why does it zoom in so much when I hit the movie button? I frame everything by recording then zooming in and framing it up, but that is aggravating using zeiss 16-35 lens
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