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    Thad E Ginathom

    Lake Winnipesaukee

    So beautiful! Triple wow :)
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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (26).jpg

    You make a good point . I was completely happy with them , but look at them now I feel like they need more sky.
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    Roy Rogers

    Screenshot (26).jpg

    Thank You very much for the tip, and agree with what you say.
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    Thad E Ginathom

    Screenshot (26).jpg

    I like this better than the two previous ones, as I feel they lack "headroom," ie, sky. Framing and composition, though, very subjective: plainly the artist's choice!
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    Roy Rogers


    I realized today I had commits for photos turned off . Sorry Y'all I didn't know . Everyone is more then welcome to Commit on any of my photos
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    Thad E Ginathom

    E_DSC3005_7952 x 5304_SONY_C1 1.jpg

    Wonderful set of images. Must have been quite an event!
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    Twilight at the beach.jpg

    Thank you!
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    Nice shot there Chrissie, and the A9 + 100-400 is a superb combo for wildlife/insects. I did consider the 2 x TC but ended up going with the 1.4 and I am very happy with that as I see no loss of AF performance or sharpness. The A9 is amazing for these types of images and I must congratulate you on some great images that make you smile and appreciate nature. Keep up the good work.
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    I had actually had set up my camera for birds of prey (in flight), that's why the speed setting was this high and that's also why the camera had to crank up the ISO this high. For a sitting butterfly, this is obviously way off the optimum.
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    Happy Drax


    Hi. I was at this show! We talked for a minute about cameras, and you were kind enough to show me your rig and some pics. I just got an A7III and can't wait to try it out at some shows. Cheers, Sean
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