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    Lense for Astro photography

    Here's a picture of the Moon that I took about an hour ago from my driveway (the Moon is so bright that streetlights don't cause any significant problem). It was taken with my Sony A7iii Camera and the Canon FD-series 500mm/f8 catadioptric mirror lens using a purely mechanical lens adapter. - Paul
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    Has to be in VIDEO mode. (Verified using A7Sii) You need to have selected MANUAL in VIDEO mode (4,5) for it to work and not photo mode (1,2,3). Image 4 showing P instead of M but it works for all iterations when doing video. Remember to toggle back up to where there's an orange box around the mic level adjustment scale as shown (5) or any changes won't stick. Don't leave the menu when RESET is highlighted or it reverts back to whatever pervious level you set.
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    Turn off MF Assist, and then go to your custom keys, and set one for Focus Magnifier. I use the one next to the shutter button. MF Assist is actually a pain anyway. And, you are correct that if you don't have an auto-focus lens, you can't use MF assist. With Focus Magnifier, you push the custom key and a box will show up on the screen. Press the wheel to move it over the area you want to magnify on to check focus. Then press the custom key again, and it will magnify in. You can still use the wheel buttons to move around on the screen. Press the custom key again, and it will magnify more, then one last push, and it goes back to normal view. Also, if you are magnified the first step, you can half press the shutter button to get back out of it. It works like MF Assist, except you have a second level of magnification, and it only comes on when you want it to, not every last blasted time you try to focus.
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    Reason was posted but not a solution. FAT32 formatted discs/drives are file size limited to 4 GB. Reformat to ExFAT for unlimited file size and rejoin living in a modern world.
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    © Bart Claes (c)2019

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    Sony ILCE-7M3 ƒ/2.8 20s 1635GM 16mm ISO3200
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    I'm the proud and happy owner of both the SEL20TC and also the SEL100400GM and achieve very good results on my a9 with this combo. I do however, if the target allows, use manual focussing most of the time, and find the depth of view to be exceptionally shallow at the long end. Also be aware, that any shakiness of your hands gets exaggerated at such long focal distances. Which is why you are advised to use exposure times shorter than the (reciprocal of the) fourfold of the focal length. For instance: @800mm you should expose for a 1/3200th or shorter, if you go for handheld. As @michelb already mentioned, you're also limited on the aperture end, which in combination makes TCs of any kind most suitable for very well lit situations only.
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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    Dragonfly porn

    A9, 100400GM plus 2xTC, @800mm
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    Dinia mena

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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    A7R4 and 24 - 70 GM accidentally left it on ISO 800....DR is good...The camera is comfortable to hold, and the buttons are lovely to press. I like the button to lock the Exposure compensation. The cameras feels much better put together, all the doors are more secure and solid... Wembley Park BW by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    Mantises by my door step

    Praying Mantises Sony A9 + 90mm f2.8 macro SOOC #sonyalphagallery

    © Rafael Otero Jr

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    That option is not available in video. Perhaps try experimenting with the Picture Profiles and perhaps you can find something that is close to what you want. I suggest taking a still photo of a person using Soft Skin, then record a short movie with each PP and see which one is closest to the still image. https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1810/v1/en/contents/TP0002273496.html You may end up having to adjust the movie in post.
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    ILCE-7RM2 Software update 4.01

    This is the list of improvements from the Sony web site: Added Auto Pwr OFF Temp. function. When using the camera in a high-temperature environment When someone with poor circulation or impaired skin sensation uses the camera When using the camera with the Auto Pwr OFF Temp. function set to High Improved operability of the camera: Improved operability when AF area is set to flexible spot Added Live View Display into custom button assignation Added Set File Name function Supports visible light LED in external flash for AF (HVL-F45RM) Improved release time lag when wireless flash is used Optimised exposure algorithm during focusing when Live View Display has Setting Effect OFF Improved image quality when Long Exposure NR setting is OFF Improved overall stability of the camera Support for Radio-controlled Lighting System Improves stability of the camera while shooting still images by regulating the internal temperature Overall stability and operability of the camera is improved. I can't say I've noticed any particular change in the way the camera operates. The one function i'd like to be able to customise is the "APS-C/Super 35mm" to be able to change quickly. I don't think you can do it yet, or at least I haven't found out how to. I hope it's in the next update, if there is one.
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    Exactly, it might be so... Thank you all for replying, I really wouldn't have thought of the formating issue here.
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    Hi! I never mentioned that the SD cards "in trouble" are MicroSD cards with 64GB Sandisk ExtremePlus V30 XC 1 class3 A1, and I used the Slot1 in the A7III I used Disk Utility to format to ExFat, put the card in the camera and formated, put it to record and the files ended up 4,19GB each again. Please see Pic-1 where it shows a screenshot from Finder. Then I checked the card with Disk Utility and it showed "No NAME" and that it was MS-DOS.. See the Pic-2 attached. My conclusion is that the camera formated the card to MS-DOS for some reason thus chopping files into 4,19GB each. I took the Micro SD out again and formated it to ExFat in Disk Utility, put it back in the camera. It didn't ask to format the card, only let the camera fix the Database, it took 5-6 seconds. Then I recorded a long video resulting in one big MOV file. When I use the full sized Sandisk SD Extreme Pro 64GB 170Mb/s XC 1 V30 card, everything is fine. Formated in Disk Utility, the put in camera, formated, and it's not chopping the files at all, see the Pic-3 attached. The crazy thing is that I have two of these MicroSD cards, completely identical, bought on same occasion . One card is being formated the right way in camera (to exFat) and the other one into MS-DOS. Tested this 3-4 times, always the same card. Now I know (I marked the card) which shouldn't be formated in the camera and I won't have troubles any more, but it's maybe good to know for others, it's either the card or inconsistent behaviour of the Sony A7III formating sequence. Is it firmware issue or what, I wouldn't know. Thanks everybody!
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    Alpha 7 III - Megapixel crop mode

    hello sorry! i'm so used to read english that in my mind i was reading this forum in my own language 😮 anyway: hello i got a question about the APS-C super35mm" function In video mode some functions cannot be used, so i usually use photo mode even to register videos, in S dial mode, so the camera can adjust all parameters by herself mantaining the shutter speed rule 25p 1/50 - 100p 1/200, etc. Do you think there is some problem using photo mode to shot videos?? However, if I use the crop function, the megapixels displayed on the screen decrease (rightly because you cut out a piece of sensor) My question is: if I start recording a video in crops mode selected, does this loss of quality in terms of Megapixels persist and will I therefore have less defined images? or does it only apply to photos? Thanks for your attention, greetings
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    New Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 Art

    Hello! New here! I got in the new Sigma 14-24mm 2.8 yesterday and made a video about it to help others looking for an e-mount wide angle lens. Hope it helps some of you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3YfjE6pzoA&t=1s
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    Donald Mackie

    Looking ahead for a new challenge

    So for those that may be interested in this kinda thing and specific to my original post. I rented the Sony 70-300 4.5 this week. I also borrowed a Sigma 100-400 from a friend yesterday morning. I’m coming from the perspective of either lens would be used in virtually good/great light. I don’t need these things for low light tasks. Also for the record I already own an MC-11 adaptor with the latest firmware updates. The Sony is relatively light and not much bigger than the 24-105. It focuses lightning fast. It’s color profile (Lightroom Adobe Profile) reminds me very much of the 24-105, which is really pleasing. The zoom ring and the manual focus ring was noticeably sticky. Understanding this was a rental which showed obvious signs of use (maybe even mis-use) my biggest concern past that was it’s focus ability past 200mm. It very well could have been me but not much was sharp above 200. Perhaps to some extent “acceptably” sharp up to 250mm but disappointing at 300mm. Again for reference it was a well used lens and the conditions being what they were it may well have been bad decisions on my part. The Sigma 100-400 is on the big side. Manageable but much bigger (and I’d assume heavier) than the Sony. The new MC-11 firmware puts focus attributes on par with the 70-300. Maybe better?! From there the Sigma leaves the Sony pretty far behind in almost every category. It’s sharp almost all the way through. I’ve had limited time with this lens but it appears to be tack sharp all the way out. The color is a bit more neutral to the Sony but I shoot Raw and honestly that neutral may well be more advantageous. In the end and for what I’d use it for the Sigma is a bit of a no-brainer. I checked on pricing and right now there’s a $200.00 instant rebate on the lens. I’ll sleep on it tonight but $600 for this lens? That’s gonna be tough to beat!
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    From the album: Fantasy photo shoot

    © ©571Photography

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    50mm Prime

    @PieterWhich 50-55mm prime would you recommend? Preferably no ca, no distortion, quick to focus, well built . I am looking for a €900 or less price tag. Oh, i forgot, sharp as well.
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    Neither i’m Afraid, I’ve photoshop elements and I can install Apples Pro photo software. I’d been hoping to stay away from Post edit and capture the moment, in camera. I’ve since found after looking at the photos; I’d been having issues with. That the LCD viewer is slightly at fault under representing the colour values and photos taken at the medium to long focal length seem to suffer the drop off in colour. The Vivitar lens that came with the camera is good and well made, however longer shots are not as colourful; could be that there’s no filter or just a quirk of the lens type and size 72mm? Thoughts.
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    Self take advice required

    Register fish shape/face as recognition shape priority? Or small aperture / slow shutter speed / manual focus and hold fish in same plane as your face.
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    1) Use DISK UTILITY to format to ExFAT on your Mac. 2) Format card in camera to ensure proper file communication. 3) Enjoy avoiding numerous unsegmented files. Item ONE sets base file allotment table of the card itself. Item TWO does nothing to change the base FAT, only allows proper operation in the camera. They're completely different types of formatting. If you get into a Chevy it remains a Chevy no matter whether you sit in the drivers seat or passengers seat. Sitting in the back seat will not change it into a Ford.
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    Maybe it was another card which was pre-formatted FAT32. I'm looking forward to your results.
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    All sorts of fixes for this. Search for Light Dims. Sensitivity. I use Light Dims myself but others have used ordinary tape with good results. Keeps from having to dedicate a button for switching. https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/586-fix-for-over-sensitive-evf-sensor/?tab=comments#comment-32621
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    Thanks for the reply John. Can I assume you keep your perched birds settings in one MR and BIF settings in another, or do you use a "custom shooting set"? Sometimes I long for the day when you had only single spot, center group and wide area. I'm constantly getting the feeling, when my results aren't as good as I'd like, that there is some setting in the myriad of choices we have, that I have wrong. Not to mention figuring out how to switch rapidly from one scenario to the next. Birds are so impatient! They never wait for you to change your settings.🤨 I shoot mostly in riparian settings now so I'm going from birds perched in the shade in trees, to BIF's against a blue sky in an instant. But, hey, that's what keeps it interesting.
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    Files on FAT formatted drives (as SD-Cards) are limited to 4GB. So it's normal that the camera chops the recordings.
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    I wouldn't call this a "compatibility" issue, but rather a "hitting physical limits" issue.
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    Sony A7iii Moire issues

    Showing a moire is a physical effect of two regular and interfering patterns, like in the pixels on the sensor interfering with regular thread patterns in all kinds of fabric.Since this is a physical phenomenon, all ways to avoid this come with a loss in image quality. The moire is the flip side (you may call it the down side) of the very sharp images the Sony alphas produce. Any anti-aliasing filter actually reduces the possible resolution of your camera. Fortunately, someone has found a way to selectively reduce this effect during post-processing. Have a look at this video tutorial, which is Capture One based.
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    Got the IV fever

    I’ve been thinking the same thing, I love my a9, but this tiny camera would be great to keep in the car or in a pocket for those spur of the moment times.
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    Twilight at the Helvetia

    Rhossili Beach has been named one of the top 10 beaches in the world. It is popular with surfers, and there is also a causeway across to Worm's Head that can be crossed at low tide. Having one of the widest tidal ranges in the world, though, you have to rime it right. The Helvetia was wrecked in the 19th Century, and makes a striking subject. I checked the forecast, the tides and the sunset time and headed down as it looked like I might get all into line... #sonyalphagallery

    © Paul Potts

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    Rhossili Beach has been named one of the top 10 beaches in the world. It is popular with surfers, and there is also a causeway across to Worm's Head that can be crossed at low tide. Having one of the widest tidal ranges in the world, though, you have to rime it right. The Helvetia was wrecked in the 19th Century, and makes a striking subject. I checked the forecast, the tides and the sunset time and headed down as it looked like I might get all into line... Sony A7RIII FE 12 - 24 at 12mm Twilight at the Helvetia by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    Odd Couple 1.jpg

    From the album: Urban

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    Michael Jardine


    I met this person while talking a short walk in the Hindu Kush, above a town called Jangalak in the Panjshir Valley.

    © Michael Jardine

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    © © https://www.cgunzy.com - info@cgunzy.com

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    From the album: NYC

    Guira Cuckoo

    © John Christou

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    Catawba River Falls

    From the album: Water Falls

    Catawba River Falls rarely has this much water flow. Heavy rains in the area allowed this scene to happen.

    © ©JBC Photography

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    From the album: Live Music

    © John Christou Photography

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    Dale Matson

    Baxter Pass

    From the album: Sierra Nevada

    This is a photograph taken at Baxter Pass (12,300') in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. It is the border of Inyo County and Kings Canyon National Park. Taken with a Sony A7R2 and Sony Zeiss 24-70 f4 at 24mm.

    © Dale Matson

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    DigitalMinds Photography

    Black and White

    by [url=http://www.digitalminds-photography.com/]DigitalMinds Photography[/url]
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