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    Electric Sky

    A6000 with kit 16-50 @44mm f6.3 30 sec 100 iso #sonyalphagallery
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    Alejandro Espeche


    Shoot with A7RIII + Sony 55
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    A7R3 100-400GM + 1.4 tc. 1/5000 F8 ISO6400 Callicoon, New York State
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    This is a mixed media relaxing waterfall film featuring a blend of time lapse, 29.97 4K video, and 120fps slow motion video. It was shot with a Sony A7RII, and Sony A7SII.
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    Mountain Gorilla portrait in Rwanda. A9, 70-200 @200mm, f/5.6, 1/160/ iso 400 #sonyalphagallery
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    Out and about in Venice

    Friends at the side of the canal-2 by singingsnapper, on Flickr Friends at the side of the canal by singingsnapper, on Flickr I think the waiter is looking for more money at Cafe Florian... An expensive place for a coffee by singingsnapper, on Flickr Sunny Afternoon in Venice by singingsnapper, on Flickr Looking back to St Marks by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    Farol de Ponta Delgada

    There was quite a bit of effort to get the right angle, and precisely focused (manual focus). A moment of sun lights the side of the tower. Hand held. If I had a tripod with me I would have done a long exposure too. Post processing, not much. I like this one, thats how I remember the tower, and that day. The upload destroys it quite a bit.
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    Stromboli Volcano

    Stromboli Volcano I post this not because it's technically great - it isn't - but because it illustrates that the A7Riii can get a decent photo where lesser cameras cannot. This is Stromboli volcano, Sicily, Italy. I took this handheld from the deck of a small cruise ship (50 passenger). Many others were out there with various cameras (and iPads!), but I was the only one who came away with a usable picture (after I brought out the shadows in Lightroom CC for iPad, though this version was processed with DxO Photo Lab.) I had initially been using a Platypod strapped to the deck railing, but we had sailed far enough past that I couldn't get the right angle so I just handheld it. Sony 24-105 G f4 at 1/4 second, ISO6400. This is a close crop, but thanks to the 42MP image it still looks good. If you look at it closely you'll see the effect of camera shake, but otherwise it is quite nice. I won a shipboard contest with it, and many of my fellow passengers asked me for a copy.
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    The Milky Way

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    Squirrel - Canon FD 85mm L

    Shortly after getting the Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 L lens to use on the Sony A7 (Fotodiox adapter I think) I decided to take it to the park to see what wildlife I could get. I found some very cooperative squirrels. Unfortunately they were so friendly that they were often too close for the lens to focus (90cm minimum focus distance). This is an un-cropped image.
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    On alpine larch patrol, with one camera (Sony A7RIII) and one lens (Sony 24-105mm). With the RIII's extraordinary low light sensitivity and rock solid steady shot feature i was able to handhold the (stitched) panorama shot of the hut and hiker at dusk. 1/30 @ f4 https://www.instagram.com/pat_morrow_photo/ #KeepJumboWild #sonyalphagallery @sonyalphagallery
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    Schwarzmilan (Milvus migrans) A9, 100-400GM @400mm, 1/2000sec, F5.6, ISO 400.
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    In my latest blogpost i want to show you all of my results from yesterday using the Sony A7II + Canon 70-200 F4 L + Sigma MC11 Adapter with AF-C in a zoo. It´s more a show the results post, a full post with video is coming soon, in the meanwhile please enjoy these wonderful animals! http://www.dsphotoblog.com/?p=1884 ‪#‎photography‬ ‪
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    Jinju, in the south of South Korea BW Lively discussion at Jinju by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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    1940's weekend event

    We attended one of the final 1940's event of 2018 at a small station, it started off wet and then the rest of the day was dry, sunny with intermittent short showers but it was well attended and had a real mix of characters including re-enactors who helped make the weekend a great success. With a visit from the King, Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Montgomery as well as a good mix of uniformed attendees it was a great success and a real photographic mix of willing subjects. This is one of my favourite images form the day.
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    Denali critters

    I spent the latter half of July and first half of August in the north, primarily Denali National Park Alaska. A few pictures (All: a7rII, FE 100-400 GM):
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    Jan Mijzen

    Grumpy Eagle

    1/4000 iso 1000 400mm 6.3 First use with my new set , A7iii with 100-400.
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    Spindly Spider

    With a6000 and 24 1.8
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    All photos are shot on the Sony a7R III with the 24-70 GM
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    Orange Sky Fitness Shoot

    Hi Guys, I'm a long time user here, but I lost my account. Formerly AndyWear, but I'm sure most of you guys probably don't know who I am anyways. I started my first Sony Camera with Sony A7 and am still using it til this day. I obviously do heavy post process because I enjoy it more artistically. I plan on getting an A7iii eventually but at the moment I've been busy upgrading lighting and more important stuff as I try to scale my business. I remember being told on here by a few people that photography as a living is no longer viable and I am glad I didn't listen to those whispers. A few years later now, I can say that I've been really successful in my area as an artistic fitness photographer. As time went by, I've learned new marketing strategies and new ways to work smarter and not harder using marketing techniques I've picked up from the guys at Slanted Lens. I charged more, and take less jobs, but to be honest it is not for everyone, and I don't think it is for me either in the long run. I've learned that branding is such an important thing to establish! I just wanted to say this to give some people confidence that it is still very doable and very lucrative if you take the right steps. Photo by Me Athlete: Beatrice
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    Romeo Bravo Photo


    Model: Katarina Vargas Shot with a Sony a7R III and my favorite portrait lens of all time the 85 G Master http://www.romeobravophoto.com #sonyalphagallery
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    Beat Color

    Greeting from Vietnam

    Hi everyone. I am Amy from Vietnam. Thanks for letting me join this forum. I hope that I can e a part of this room!
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    Helios-44-2 2/58

    Here's another one.
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