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    Blue hour in the Netherlands

    I took this photo during blue hour in Friesland (a province in the north of the Netherlands). Shot with: A7III + 16-35 F/4 2 photos - 10s - F/13 - ISO 100
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    Alejandro Espeche


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    A trip to the seaside

    We went to the seaside for a couple of days and despite the damp and overcast weather I still managed to capture some photos that I am happy with. I used 2 lens, the 55mm f1.8 and the 70-300mm f4.5 - 5.6 and they both delivered.
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    Rainbow Hopper

    Sony a6000 w/Batis 85 1.8
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    A6000 Choosing Kit Lens

    Just a couple of thoughts to throw into this post: I suggest that you totally avoid the 18-55 despite it's surprisingly good IQ vs $. I had 2 of them just die on me, one after the other... I have found that the Sony 18-135 f3.5-5.6 is a remarkably useful travel lens with nice IQ (I speak as a happy amateur) and an acceptable size and weight. Agreeably not pocket-sized though. I have had very good experiences with mpb.com and Wex for used lenses (both in the UK) eBay (UK) has been OK for me too, but look very closely at the product photos and closely read the text... Doubt anything not clearly described.... Caveat emptor!
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    balloon 7.jpg

    From the album: Experimental images

    © Mike Kanssen

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    balloon 4a.jpg

    From the album: Experimental images

    © Mike Kanssen

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    A6000 Choosing Kit Lens

    Both the 18-55 and 16-50 are good for what they are: small, cheap general purpose lenses. The 18-55 is optically slightly better than the 16-50. The 16-50 on the other hand is slightly wider and incredibly convenient in size (fits a jacket pocket attached to the a6000). People complain about it's optical performance a bit but I've made some fantastic landscape shots with it where I have no complaints about sharpness. I've sold it some time ago to be replaced by the 18-105 f/4. Personally I wouldn't consider the 28-70: it's a fullframe lens and therefore much bigger than needed. Also it's probably not wide enough on an APS-C camera to serve as a general purpose lens. If you want something longer, consider buying the fairly cheap and decent 55-210mm lens in addition to your general zoom lens. If you can stretch your budget a bit, the new 18-135 is fairly compact and decent optically. Has a very convenient zoom range.
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    From the album: Sony A7iii

    © ©571Photography

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    Why is there no 125fps in PAL?

    Hello everyone, I'm figuring out what settings I want to shoot with for my next video projects. I have the A7III and i'm in a PAL country and so I wish to use PAL, but NTSC just seems to give more frame rate options (24/30/60/120 NTSC vs 25/50/100 PAL). Now there is one thing I don't understand. For slowmotion, in NTSC you have a 5 times slowmotion (120fps at a 24fps timeline) versus 4 times slowmotion on PAL (100fps at a 25fps timeline). If the camera can shoot 120fps, it shouldn't be that hard to implant 125fps for PAL??? Does anyone know more about this? I would love to hear it! Best regards, Lars The Netherlands
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    Sony Customer Service and Repairs

    I've had nothing but great experiences with Sony service. I should point out that I am a full time pro and a member of Sony Imaging Pro Service so I can't speak to their service otherwise. I've had two items that needed service since I started using Sony a few years ago. The first was an A7 II body a couple years ago. They emailed me an overnight shipping label the day I called. I had the repaired body back two days after I shipped it- one day turnaround in-house at Sony and overnighted back to me. I didn't pay for shipping either direction. More recently I accidentally dropped a lens and the two rings on the front of the lens body broke off (glass and function/AF were fine). Again, overnight shipping label emailed to me within a few minutes of the phone call to them. They called me when it came in and said it would be 2 weeks for parts so they overnighted me a loaner lens until mine was repaired. In both these cases I wasn't without gear for more than a couple days. With the lens they tested everything before sending it back. I also tested it when it came back and compared it to my test shots from when I had bought it and the performance had actually improved. They must have made some adjustments. So very happy overall with Sony's service.
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    Hi, I have a Sony A900 and, more recently an A7R. I originally purchased the A900 soon after it was launched, as being the only affordable 24Mp full frame camera. Principally I use the 16-35 and 24-70 f2.8 Zeiss lenses and Sony 70-210 f2.8G lens. I also use wide aperture primes when they suit the application better. I mainly shoot weddings and events and use the A7R for landscapes with a Sony A mount adapter . Attached is a recent photo taken on the Isle of Skye with the A7R. John
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    Sony Customer Service and Repairs

    My experience recently wasn't well at all. I live in Barcelona (Spain) and I'm a full time photographer. Month ago I've faced the problem with IBIS when it works incorrectly and there is "Camera error switch off and on" after 15 minutes of use. I've contacted with Sony Spain and after a few unsuccessful manipulations they told me to send my 8 month old A7III to the official repair service which is located in Madrid. Okay, I've done this on 27th of December and received the camera yesterday IN EVEN WORSE CONDITIONS than it was before. It's said that they've replaced the IBIS, After the fist attempt to switch it on there were horrible noises coming from IBIS and the sensor was jumping around. After few more attempts IBIS just falls down after switching camera on and I have the same error as before. It's unbelievable. How can you rely on a camera when it breaks after 8 months and the only one existing repair service apparently doesn't even check the camera before sending it back to the customer...
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