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    Received my a7R4 from repair today. They said they ordered a part to fix my Slot 1 issue. Also, cleaned the sensor reset to factory defaults & a general wipe down cleaning of the camera. Tried the camera & all seems fine. It was a warranty repair, n/c.
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    From the album: Urban

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    Just Painted

    From the album: Urban

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    Horse Walking

    From the album: Urban

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    Cantabria marismas

    Hola,una foto que me gusta y a vosotros,salu2 de Felipe 😊 IMG_9829 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    Olaf W.

    New convert from Nikon

    Welcome to our forum!
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    Dyffryn Gardens, Wales UK

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    both photos: a7rIII, FE 600mm f/4 GM Sacramento County California
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    Thad E Ginathom

    Lake Winnipesaukee

    So beautiful! Triple wow :)
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    Barrow's Goldeneye

    all: a7rIII, 600mm f/4 GM using camo netting for a blind
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    From the album: Urban

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    A concept I learned in the military and still apply today is the mission drives the gear. If I'm going out to photograph people I'll reach for a portrait lens. If I'm going to go photograph landscapes I'll reach for my wide angle lens. If i have no idea what i might photograph I'll reach for my general purpose 24-105mm lens. I get the most joy out of photography when i have the right tool for the job. I don't think f4 is too restrictive in low light situations given the A7iii's performance. Just have reasonable expectations for that aperture in low light. I believe if you keep the camera profile small and light (hey that's the reason we went to mirrorless, right? then you'll find the experience more enjoyable.
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