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    I have recently purchased the Sony 85mm f1.8 to use on my A7iii for portrait work and had the opportunity to try it out yesterday when we were in Bath celebrating my wife's 65th birthday. It was an overcast day but we found a suitable area and I used some fill flash to lifet her from the back ground. The eye focus is amazing and never missed a beat locking on very quickly. This is one of the images
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    SAF Admin

    Sony A7R IV launched

    Sony has launched today the Sony A7R IV! Sony A7R IV at a glance 61 MP Sensor 26 MP in APS-C mode 15 EV dynamic range 10 fps serial shooting w/ full C-AF 68 images buffer 5 axis IBIS 567 phase AF points realtime Eye AF photo / video – and for animals realtime tracking 5.8 MP OLED EVF 4K Video w/ S-Log 2/3 Dual SD-Slot (UHS-II compatible) Sony A7R IV Product Images
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    If you want to overcome the limits of depth of view, you'll have to employ a technique called focus stacking. Basically taking a series of images from the same fixed position, with slight variations in the plane of best focus in between them. Then you will have to do some image processing, combining the areas of sharpness from each of the images, using specialized (and often proprietary) software. You may want to read this for more info.
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    Did you turn on the shutter delay to stop the camera moving when you pressed the button?
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    Preordered the A7Riv

    I preordered from B&H in NYC. My wife and I have been using A7's since the first A7R came out. I'm a resolution person so looking forward to the new sensor. Anyone else considering?
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    Excellent shot!
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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    From the album: Sony G Master 100-400mm

    © ©571Photography

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    Are you shooting AV or TV ? I always shoot manual but it shouldn't really matter. Set ISO to 100, shutter to 1/100th & aperture to suit these two. Try working on say a flower in a vase on the table, something easy whilst you experiment & perfect the technique before moving on to more challenging tasks. I use the cheap Ext tubes from wherever, & they work fine, the pringles tube idea is for people to play with if they have no extension tubes, see if they like the concept of macro before buying ext tubes. The trick is getting the exposure correct, if you are using tripod and either wired or IR trigger there will be no shake from the camera, plus if it is a static subject the shutter speed doesn't matter either. I use Canon 7D with Sigma 150mm macro lens. Neewer ext tubes and a yongnuo YN14EX TTL macro ring light. Slhutter is 1/160th aperture is set to F5.6 as a minimum but F8 or even F11 trying to get better depth of field & let the flashes ttl capabilities give me the light. I now shoot with Sony A7 series cameras for everything else, but still use the canon for my macro as I have all the gear for it. https://insectmacro.wixsite.com/macro
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    A7Rii pro work?

    If you accepts one penny, you are a pro. Nevertheless, those two are fine. Are you making under $5,000.00, you are an amateur. If you can get $500.00 for an 8 X10 print, then try to sell it for $2,000.00. It is more important to know your clients and know your equipment fully. The art is really not being a photographer. But being a good seller is an art that they will NEVER teach you in school.
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    New to Sony Alpha - potentially

    Now that the a7RIV is out you may want to consider getting that instead of the a7III. While it costs $1500 more you can drop some of the lenses and just crop in that 61Mp image.
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    Sony A7R IV launched

    I'm still drooling over the A7R III and A7 III. Now this!! So little time, so much new tech!
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    Here's a picture I tool some time ago of the moon with my FE 100-400mm. It was hand held; 400mm ISO 1,000 1/2,000 f/5.6. I want to get the 2x converter for both Astronomy and Wildlife; we're off to Namibia next year and I was intending to use the 100-400mm in conjunction with the 2x converter.
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    New to Sony Alpha - potentially

    How is everyone finding Sony as a system? By that I mean Warranty repairs should something befall a Body or a Lens. How good (or bad) was your experience? So far I’ve never needed to use the warranty so I don’t know the answer to that one. Is the A.F really as good as I think it is? No, it’s better then you think it is. Are the menu's as atrocious as I think they are or is it a case of set-up the way you want and, pretty much, never have to go back in there? There are a lot of functions, Many that you are unlikely to ever change, use the Function menu for often-changed values and the Favorites menu for the less frequently changed settings and you will be fine.  Do you trust your Sony in inclement weather or is a raincover in order? Yes, it’s been in rain and hard wind blowing sand all over it, no issues. I've done quite a bit of research regarding sd cards in Sony body's and have decided to use uhs-1 in both slots. Stupid idea? Yes, use the fastest card that will work in the UHS II slot. Now, I don't mean to be crass with this next but it'll help any respondents with answers: I have a budget of around £15000. I have a shopping list I've pretty much settled on but would welcome any changes. I would genuinely welcome and appreciate your thoughts. Obviously this might change dependent on Sony's New York event today.  Sony A7iii - VGC3 grip - Spare z100 battery - Tamron 17-28 (should it prove to be a good lens) - Tamron 28-75 - Sony 70-200 G Master - Sony 200-600 G (Ditto...) - Sony 85 1.8 - Zeiss 55 1.8 - Sony 35 1.8 (Ditto again...). I'm also considering a second body (as the wife has expressed some interest in photography). I recently bought the VGC3 grip, I like that I can just put a single battery in to keep the weight down, I use it for vertical shots as it is easier to hold the camera that way. The 70-200 is an amazing lens, and one I use very often. The Swiss 55mm 1.8 is one of the sharpest lens I have ever seen, very light and compact and well made. I have the 200-600 on order. There's also some other items on the list but the main one's are above: Benro Mach 3 (38) tripod. Benro G3 Ballhead, Peak Design Slide strap, Sky Watcher Star Adventurer pro pack and Lowepro Flipside 300 AWii. I use a Manfrotto tripod, I like to use a heavy one as I usually operate it remotely from a distance and this helps to prevent the wind from blowing it over. Filters. I originally looked at B+W but balked at the prices. Are they really that good? Would I be well-served with Hoya's Pro1 digital line? Don't know, I just use a UV or plain glass filter to protect front element (personal choice). Godox V1 - anyone used it? No Meike hand grip - terrible or....? I use the Sony grip  Screen protectors - I'm struggling to pay what Sony is asking for theirs. I have found some generic one's on Amazon that are massively less expensive (Komet brand). Never used one but it can’t hurt to buy one, I don’t use the monitor much. I wish Sony would use the same style as the a77 and allow to to flip around so the screen is against the camera body. Capture one for editing? Yes I think that's it. Apologies for the long read, I've tried to be as concise as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice/help offered.
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    Nice shot there Chrissie, and the A9 + 100-400 is a superb combo for wildlife/insects. I did consider the 2 x TC but ended up going with the 1.4 and I am very happy with that as I see no loss of AF performance or sharpness. The A9 is amazing for these types of images and I must congratulate you on some great images that make you smile and appreciate nature. Keep up the good work.
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    Loving the 24-105

    I have recently upgraded from the very good Sony Zeiss 24-170 f4 to the Sony 24-105 f4 ( got a very good trade in price on the 24-70) and I have to say I am delighted. The 24-105 gives me the extra reach I was looking for in a lens that is not too large or heavy and that delivers superb image quality. This will be my general "walkabout" lens and probably spend most of its time on the A7iii. I grabbed some B&W images yesterday as we set up for a re-enactment event this weekend.
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    I am hoping to try extension tubes next! At the moment, I can’t spend money. I was hoping to make one with a pringles can.. if i’m craftsy enough. ha
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    If the blur is caused by pressing the button then it may help. It just delays by 2 seconds https://helpguide.sony.net/gbmig/45349331/v1/en/contents/TP0000508226.html?search=Delay
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    Isn't a limitation of depth of field? Not that I'm experienced: I've done occasional experiments with the a6000, kit lens, and extension tubes, snapping flowers, and things out of the desk drawer like bolts. If you focus on a bolt there won't be many threads that are sharp, but among those that are, you can find tiny hairs and dust specs. Macro is one of those things I've always meant to do more of and is in the big getting-around-to-it queue, which can remain stationary for years sometimes --- but a set of extension tubes, even with e-mount contacts, so you don't loose camera control and function, is a nice intro point that doesn't cost much and is not hard to use.
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    Michael Jardine


    I met this person while talking a short walk in the Hindu Kush, above a town called Jangalak in the Panjshir Valley.

    © Michael Jardine

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    A6300 slow / delay issue

    About once a month shutting down will take longer because the camera will take a black image to map hot pixels on the sensor. You'll know by hearing the shutter sound after a while when turning the camera off. This is completely normal.
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    Dragonfly porn

    A9, 100400GM plus 2xTC, @800mm
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    I had actually had set up my camera for birds of prey (in flight), that's why the speed setting was this high and that's also why the camera had to crank up the ISO this high. For a sitting butterfly, this is obviously way off the optimum.
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    Loving the 24-105

    On a ten-day hike through the Swiss Jura I also only took the 24-105. Although at times I would have liked more "width" or more reach, I'm perfectly happy with the results. Below is basically the same target, shot at both ends of the zoom range: It's also pretty good at "macro" applications: From my album "Jurassic Hike"
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    Loving the 24-105

    Sharp and versatile. On my last trip overseas I only brought the 24-105 without regrets.
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