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    The Flying Scotsman

    We had the refurbished "Flying Scotsman" steam train through our county today and I took my Father-in-law who is 89yrs old to see it, he has only ever seen it in a museum not live on the railway. We were lucky as it remained dry even if a little dull after days of continuous rain. A fantastic sight and a real please to be able to grab some photos of it under steam!
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    The Flying Scotsman

    Thank you all for the kind words, it was a very special day as my father-in-law (90yrs old) had never seen the train in real life so he was very happy and I have had a large print made for his birthday.......just hope he likes it.
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    Loving the 24-105

    Sharp and versatile. On my last trip overseas I only brought the 24-105 without regrets.
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    Loving the 24-105

    I have recently upgraded from the very good Sony Zeiss 24-170 f4 to the Sony 24-105 f4 ( got a very good trade in price on the 24-70) and I have to say I am delighted. The 24-105 gives me the extra reach I was looking for in a lens that is not too large or heavy and that delivers superb image quality. This will be my general "walkabout" lens and probably spend most of its time on the A7iii. I grabbed some B&W images yesterday as we set up for a re-enactment event this weekend.
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    Loving the 24-105

    On a ten-day hike through the Swiss Jura I also only took the 24-105. Although at times I would have liked more "width" or more reach, I'm perfectly happy with the results. Below is basically the same target, shot at both ends of the zoom range: It's also pretty good at "macro" applications: From my album "Jurassic Hike"
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    Chris 76

    The Flying Scotsman

    Stunning classic shot. Subject looks alive. Spent an unfair amount of time in on and under steam locos here in Aus - in maintenance and rebuild and when steamed up. I can almost smell it. Chris
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    Sony A9 deals

    Perhaps a faster sensor read, or one or two QXD card slots. They may increase to 36mp, if only to boost the reach of those 400 and 600 primes (via cropping). For me, there’s not much that I can fault with my a9, I’ve never hit the buffer limit, the battery life is amazing and if I want a more ergonomic feel then I can just bolt on the extra battery grip. What would interest me more is an upgrade to the 6400, I’d like to get an APS-C camera to serve as a second/backup camera. Something with a faster frame rate and two card slots, I could also use it for some extra reach for wildlife / moon shots with the 200-600.
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    Chrissie beat me to it. Dimensionality is usually from being lit from an angle. When I've run workshops in the past, I've taken something and just photographed it from every angle with a single light. Straight on, 15, 25, 45, 60, 90° angles, totally backlit, etc. It really gives an idea of how light falls off something. If too much light is spilling from the source, you can often fashion anything into a barn door to block it where you don't want it to go. Your results look great so far. It's nice to see more shadowy compositions.
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    La moderna Dinamarca

    Hola,salu2 de Felipe _DSC2509 by freme_3, en Flickr _DSC2510 by freme_3, en Flickr _DSC2511 by freme_3, en Flickr
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    RAW photos named .jpg?

    Wow i didn't realize that it was the RAW photos i was missing, thanks 😄 Jokes aside, i just tried something. Up until now i've used the Imagine Edge Mobile app (formerly Sony Memories) to transfer onto my phone and from there into google drive. It seems like using that app it reformats the RAW files to JPEG for some reason. i just tested by shooting one RAW, one JPEG and one RAW+JPEG and transfering with a card reader straight to my laptop and there i have two RAW (or AWR) and two JPEG. So it seems you just can't transfer RAW with the mobile app. Would make sense, since you probably can't view RAW files on a phone. Well problem solved i guess :-)
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    With my old SonyA580 and my even older Minolta 75-300mm.
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    what is on my sensor ?!

    Hurray for warranty! Your sensor is especially at risk with manual lenses as those are often left at working aperture. Electronically coupled lenses close down the aperture when the camera is turned off to protect the sensor. When not in 'live view' the aperture is also closed after about 20 second. These 20 seconds are a risky period: while reviewing images shot in strong backlight the aperture may be wide open with the camera pointed at the sun and no lens cap on. You might not even know you're exposing your sensor to direct sunlight.
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    what is on my sensor ?!

    Here's update of my case. I sent cam to authorized service (I have 3 years warranty).After 2 days It's been sent back. Service document says they replaced "Mecha Device". I called them and it's been physical damage to sensor caused by very stron light source. Guy said that it might have been laser or sun. The first replacement is free of charge if it happens again I will have to pay (around 1500$). He said that with mirrorless we got ot be really careful because even hanging camera on your neck in sunny day, can cause damage. The sun rays can enter lens and game over. He said always hang cam with lens down or use lens cap. It's a bit annoying as we have to be ultra careful about such things nowadays.
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    Hi, this is my first attempt at low-key photography with sonyA6000 + kit lens. I found a very dark corner in my house where there was a black wall. The lights were off, so I used flash to illuminate the object. The wall was glossy, so I photoshopped the bouncing light out of the image and tweaked the exposure so that the backdrop was completely black. The leaves were also naturally green but I changed them to red just for fun. Please tell me your thoughts Also, has anyone achieved low-key photography with A6000 + kit lens without flash?
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    Interesting subject! From what I gather from this article, lighting the object from the side seems to be one key ingredient.
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    This is my first movie ever made I know it could be better, I haven't used gimbal in many places cause the many unconvinience during trip (like hiking, waterfalls etc). Any remarks appreciated!
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    24-70 or 16-35 mm ?

    The 24-70 2.8 is, in my opinion, the very best general purpose zoom available. My objection to the 24-105 is the power zoom which I find irritating and compared to the 2.8 aperture of the 24-70, it is slow and much less useful for low light, interior shots, etc. The optical performance of the 24-70 is amazing..it is like having a batch of primes in one unit. If too expensive, the Tamron equivalent is probably very close.
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    Donald Mackie

    24-70 or 16-35 mm ?

    The 16-35 2.8 GM is truly a fantastic lens. I don't think it has a weakness except perhaps some vignetting wide open especially with filters. Still a wonderful lens that always produces great shots. Tack sharp, great color, fast and focusing is seamless. However as soon as you introduce "street photography" to the equation I know (at least for me) it's a lens you'd have work hard(er) for shots. 35mm is a fascinating albeit a persoanlly difficult focal length which I’ll admit when I get it right 35mm makes for great, great shots but i gotta slow down and I gotta think, which is not always great for street. Still...what a lens.I don't own the 24-70 but I have rented it several times. As with the 16-35 GM it's truly a fantastic lens and all the accolades I mentioned above apply. 24 is not wide enough for me with landscapes or architecture it would however be stellar for a street lens, as long as you don't need to snipe. It's also a great everyday lens. There’s some argument that the Tamron 28-70 is a worthy competitor at substantially less cost but I’ve not had a chance to try.As someone here has already mentioned as long as a constant f/4 is doable the 24-105 G is by far my favorite, favorite all around, cover all, lens. I'm constantly impressed with this lens. I’d argue that it’s comparable to the 24-70 in sharpness but just not able to open up as well. That and comparing the cost of the 24-70 GM you're considering you're awfully close to the price of entry on the 24-105 and maybe a dedicated UWA for landscape and architecture. Say the 20 mm Sigma ART f/1.4. Yes you'd have to occasionally switch lens's but you have a killer UWA and the practicality of the tack sharp 24-105.
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    24-70 or 16-35 mm ?

    I have a 16-35mm GM and use it almost exclusively for landscape work. While it is a well built, sharp, smooth zooming lens I find it generally inappropriate for street photography given it's size and weight. At half the cost of the 16-35, and by far the most versatile lens I have is my 24-105mm G lens. I use it in a wide variety of situations, including street and landscape/cityscape work. It is quite sharp and a bit smaller in size and weight, though its maximum aperture is f4 as opposed to f2.8 for the 16-35. I have no experience with the 24-70mm but have read good things about it and leave its evaluations to others.
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    Thad E Ginathom

    Rubber grip coming off

    As you haven't got an answer yet, I'll pitch in with my first thought when I saw your post yesterday... You have two choices: warranty or glue.
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    The Accordion Player

    Actress Headshot of Annika Sony A7rIII with 24-70mm GM instagram.com/jesuislerot
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    Undecided on a6300 vs a6400

    Check this to determine if the advantages of the a6400 vs a6300 are worth it to you: https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/preview/sony-a6300-vs-a6400-vs-a6500/ What not many comparison sites mention is that the a6500 body and grip are a bit beefier than the a6300/6400. To me the a6500 has much better handling, and I can immagine that if you're coming from a Nikon DSLR the a6300/6400 may feel a bit tiny in the hands. The a6500 wasn't on your lost though so don't want to complicate things more 😉 The 18-135 lens is considerably sharper than the 16-50 and has a useful range if you do occasional wildlife stuff. Then again, the a6400 has animal eye AF, though I doubt either of these lenses lens will give a small enough depth of field to see whether focus was on the eye or face... Choices...
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    SUNSET AT Victoria Habour

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    Thad E Ginathom

    The Flying Scotsman

    Such a lovely, nostalgia-inducing pic!
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    Shoot Raw. Manual Focus. Tripod. You'll want to go ultra-wide, i.e. below 21mm. Of course, you can use a larger lens but the difficulty of getting a good composition will increase. Here's a 28mm sample: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZwiIL0FiRg/ And here a different night, a few meters back and 15mm: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu63ighAYVY/ The lights vary from night to night. Usually when in a dark area, away from any city lights, you will see the more or less static "beam" across the sky which you can capture pretty much with any aperture. "beam" sample: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsTmD3-HugA/ However, if you'd like to capture the rapid "explosions" and "dancing" which you'll likely be experiencing if you're far enough north, you're going to need f2.8 or faster, or you'll just end up with a big bright spot. You're going to be using shutter speeds around 1s - 4s. Also, if you're using a newer Sony be mindful of having the ISO too high as you'll only blow out the highlights. I never go beyond 1600 when shooting auroras. Personally, my favorite aurora lenses are the Laowa 15mm f2 and Sony 24mm f1.4. The Samyang 14mm f2.8 will work but there is a lot of distortion and stars do not look as good. The auroras are unpredictable but more or less travels east to west(like the sun). You're going to need a bit of luck and to have the weather on your side. Do not stress and take a moment to live the experience. Lastly, here's a sample of 2s shutter and ISO 800 with the Laowa at f2.8: (no layers, image merging or any of that) It's almost sparkling.
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    The Flying Scotsman

    Very nice photo. Good on us these beasts don't operate on a regular basis, or the climate would be even more negatively affected. Luckily we only take digital pictures, no more developing with nasty chemicals. ;-)
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    The Flying Scotsman

    @Iansky: I like the black&white version best. More drama. The billowing steam/smoke gives you a vivid impression on how "the west" probably got conquered. Btw: if you add a little comment yourself to the images in the gallery, that gives your viewers a chance to comment right on the spot. If you are not the owner, there is no way to start a comment on a gallery pic.
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    The Flying Scotsman

    Hola,madre mia cuanto contaminacion 😊 Salu2 de Felipe 😊
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    Sorry Chrissie, but the menu chapter is named playback. Not my invention. If you differ, you differ with Sony. Have a nice weekend.
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    Les, I beg to differ: The notion of "playing back" should, IMHO, be reserved to any kind of video being "played back". For a still, I would prefer the notion of "viewing" it, just to avoid any confusion.
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    S&Q on A7iii won't record 4k

    Could it be you can't do 4K slow motion, only 120fps in 1920x1080 on the 7iii? That's how it is on the 7Sii. Check camera specs.
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    Up in the lakes for a bit. Waterhead, Ambleside Sony A7RIII FE 12 - 24 both handheld 1. Twilight at Waterhead 1 by singingsnapper, on Flickr 2. Twilight at Waterhead 2 by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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