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    Florida Brown Pelican

    Taken with a a9ii and a 100-400 GM
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    SW Florida USA Sunset

    The photograph was take. In Pineland FL with a7Riv and a 16-35 2.8.
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    Here's another way of editing, just changing Exposure Brightness and Shadow
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    I cropped the images a little. The images are very under-exposed, so there is little room for improvement. Spot metering was used with no Exposure Compensation on the two images below I adjust the Highlights all the way down to -100 to get the colors to begin to show. I can't see from EXIF if DRO was used, it does affect the RAW files and gives more latitude to widely varying lighting conditions This is from first image screen shot from CaptureOne settings: This screenshot shows CaptureOne settings for the following image. I had to adjust color on the basketball as the highlights were blown out. I am certain that others could probably edit these much better but this should give you a starting point My recommendation when taking shots like this is : 1. Turn on DRO, as mentioned above it DOES affect RAW files and gives more latitude on color correction etc. 2. Use AEL , focus on an area that is mid-lighting and toggle AEL this may help to give a median baseline for lighting, then recompose, focus and take the shot.
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    It might work but you'll loose infinity focus. Some even use an extension tube to stack two 2× TC's.
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    Sony a7s3 AF problem

    You're a lot calmer than I'd be after shelling out $3500 for a camera with issues hoping some future phantom firmware update might correct. My 7Sii developed a group of purple pixels 3 weeks after buying the camera but only when rolling 4K. I exchanged it in spite of the dealer saying it's hardly noticeable if you don't know where to look. A camera this new with issues will surely present with other ones outside of the return or warranty period. I'd punt it back to Pittsburgh immediately for an exchange.
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    Is This Battery A Fake??

    My genuine Sony battery (came packed with camera) also has that trash can symbol. Likely one is for the European market (trash can) while the other is for the North American market. On the two batteries it also shows that they're both intended for different regions.
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    I did this photo with the 70-350 G lens. I don't think the 18-200 will be as good. John
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    It looks like I will need to decide between Seagulls or beach. I think Seagulls wins. John
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    Sparrows by Wietse Jongsma, on Flickr[/media]
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