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    Yes, I know, most people think Lens Hoods, are some sort of extraeneous techno junk. Yes... I know...... I hate them too ! .........However, in certain situations........They are neccessary. However.... In this photo, a lens hood, would make no difference ! The stars from the street lights, are in the center of your photo, not some flare, on an outer edge. They occur, due to the placement of all the lens groups, inside your lens barrel. I do not think, that they detract from the image, but that is just my opinion. To try & avoid this again, you will have to move around & take the photo from different angles, or use a different lens. Good Luck WTC
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    Vizelex ND Filter Adapter

    Sounds like you have "focus peaking" enabled. There is a color setting and an intensity setting for this in the menu.
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