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    Item 5 is the correct Port, its a micro-USB
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    It should be a trigger that is compatible with your hot shoe or has a cable that connects to the camera's multi-function port, like PocketWizard.
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    It is a bit of a steep learning curve, I found about a half a dozen youtube videos very helpful with auto focus. Also with setting up custom button functions and basic settings for the camera.
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    Canon to Sony E Mount Adapter?

    I had the metabones 4 adaptor and used the canon 16-35 2.8 L glass. The auto focus sucked so bad i decided to stick with native glass.
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    Alistair, too many questions to answer in writing, but you will find all your answers in above video on youtube. Very useful, simple to follow, very extensive info you will not find in the manual, at least not clearly.
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