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    Blue hour in the Netherlands

    I took this photo during blue hour in Friesland (a province in the north of the Netherlands). Shot with: A7III + 16-35 F/4 2 photos - 10s - F/13 - ISO 100
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    Well I already have my memory slots set up, but again Sony does it's utter best to make this feature pointless. I have M1 as my photo setup and M2 as my video setup, with the respective settings for each mode. However settings like the monitor are global settings, so are not considered when changing memory sets. I would like to have the monitor on M1 (photo setup) to be Auto, so I can fluently switch between display an viewfinder but on M2 (video setup) I want the monitor to be fixed to display. So....since the memory slots don't allow me to set things up the way I want I thought it would be a somewhat decent compromise to have a custom function menu where I can quickly change the monitor behaviour. And BAM! Sony strikes again by not letting me have that setting in the Fn menu. Then I thought ok, take the bitter pill and wast a custom button (C1, C2, C3, C4) on this setting. Far from ideal but at least better then nothing. And BAM! Sony strike just one more time by not even having it in there. Literally the ONLY way to change the monitor behaviour is to go all the way into the menu and change it. W......T........F.........!!!! If this camera was made by some young startup company, I would tollerate a quirk or two, but for the company that Sony is, they did an absolutely embarresing job on the menu system. Wh o programmed this? A shimpanse smashing on a keyboard? Sorry, for the rant here. I give the cam one more weekend and if I then still feel the way I feel now I hope that it's not too late to return it. Probably my first and last Sony experience, unfotunatelly . By the way, the "MY MENU" solutions is disqualified, since, for me, it doesn't have any real benefit over going through the nativ menu.
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    Hola,CRETA GRECIA CRETA by freme_3, en Flickr
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