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Mr Zdur

A7 1/60 f8 iso: 2500 + Cokin P linear polarizer


This was shot with a late Konica Hexanon AR 28mm f3.5 lens. It was quite dark out at 6AM. I was looking for a nice and compact 28mm with sharp corners. The Konica AR has a very short focal flange distance for an SLR. The lens is a bit slow for some applications, but it is great for landscape; where I usually shoot at f8.

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A7 + Legacy Lenses

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You shoot landscape at f8?, thats interesting, i use a nikon ais 28/3.5 which sounds much like your Konica but usually shoot my landscapes at 11-22f.

Beautiful colours, nice and clear too. thanks for posting.

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Thanks for your comments . I shoot landscapes at f8 because that is where most lenses have peak sharpness. When at infinity, all will be in the DOF at f8. At narrower apertures, you can lose sharpness due to diffraction. Is your 28 3.5 one of the old single coat versions? I love the pre-multicoat Nikkors. 

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Im not sure if its single coat how do you tell?It was purchased with an f3 back in the day.

I will try @ f8 now as the info about sharpness makes sense. I was aware of diffraction but presumed it wasnt a problem usually until f16-22 etc.

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is it a Nikkor H 28 f3.5, or is it the later AI or AIs version. The earlier one is H.C. if it is multicoat. It is probably a later one if it came with an F3. I shoot an F3, what a fantastic camera. Better than any of the other film nikons.

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It just says nikkor 28 1:3.5 and serial number, i think its ais or ai frankly, but it still takes a great photo with the sony, its sharper than the nikkor 50 1.8 i have, thats not much chop.

yes the f3 is a tank great to hold in hand.

P.S. I have been trying out landies @f8 after your advice.

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