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  2. It helps a lot if you set the camera profile in Lightroom to 'camera standard'. It's an emulation by Adobe of the in-camera jpeg-processor. Colors are still slightly different though from what the camera produces. Also, things like DRO are done during in-camera jpeg processing. It's a content-aware algorithm so difficult to get a standard lightroom preset for it, but raising the blacks and reducting the whites just a little bit in LR should get you comparable results.
  3. Hi! There is one thing that is bothering me and that is trying to get back to normal view after adjusting the focus on the lens. Lets say I want to focus on a specific object. I will then have to turn on the outer portion on my lens (if I'm in manual mode, of course). When you look at the screen it will automatically zoom in a bit. But how do I zoom out to the normal view without pressing the record button or even toughing the lens? Hope my explanation make sense Thank you very much!
  4. Hi and thanks, Is there a good workflow (some kind of preset) that you can use while importing photos into lightroom so the raw files will look similar to what you see while taking them?
  5. Hola, compre este cable que segun el catalogo de SONY A7III es el que necesita pero que no viene incluido Salu2 de Felipe DSC00983 by freme_3, en Flickr
  6. If their designation on the lens does not mention "DT" it will be full frame
  7. Yesterday
  8. Many cameras (not just Sony) will increase their number to match the next available on a card if used with one already containing pictures. If you have a camera that's shooting images named pic-0025 & use a card with an image named pic-0995 on it the camera will increase to pic-0996, and it doesn't drop it's number back when you change the card back. I'm not sure if this behavior is followed if the initial part of the filenames differ using a card with IMG-0995 might still be enough to increment the count.
  9. Hi all, From what I can tell, I have some sort of dirt or grit under the focus ring of my 18-105 lens. I've only had it for three months so the prospect of having to shell out $200+ to get it fixed is a disappointment. Just to make sure I'm not overreacting, can someone please tell me, is the focus ring on your lens significantly more stiff than the telephoto ring? My telephone ring moves easily with just one finger while the focus ring now requires me to actually grasp and turn. This isn't terrible as it stays in place nicely but I think there is more resistance than before. Thanks in advance!
  10. Have a read of this thread, quite long but it has a lot of good info in it. Basically DRO under exposes the RAW file, this gives more range/detail. https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/9513-outdoor-shooting-is-bright-in-viewfinder-dark-in-actual-raw/
  11. The numbering is done by the camera, not the SD-card. That's all.
  12. Hi, I have noticed that when I import raw files into Lightroom, the images change and look a bit more dark. I was a bit confused as I remember they were rightly exposed when I took them and they look fine on the raw preview from Sony. I have read a bit know and understand this is caused probably by the Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO) in camera that adjusts the image to try and preserve highlights and so in low light. My question is, if you recommend the use of the DRO or i should turn it off? I also would like to ask if there is any quick way to change the settings in lightroom to match the raw files or if the only way is to edit the images normally? I have a Sony A7iii Thank you
  13. I have recently added yet another load of images taken with the A6400 and 18-135 lens. Images taken at the Man City v Spurs game smitten with VAR can be found here - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm I have also taken more close ups in the garden and they are here - http://www.rtfract.com/damp.html I look forward to the Sony news on Aug29th! regular 6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  14. You have all the means at your disposal do do some tests on your own.
  15. I took an a6000 and an a6500 on a trip. Moved SD card between the bodies once or twice. Trying to organize folders of pix from my trip by date. Seem to have photo/file number gaps! No pix numbered between DSC03601 and DSC06414. A gap on one 64gb card is from DSC07074 to DSC07103. Dates are 7/31 and then 8/2. I did not format (erase in camera) any cards on the trip. I have not lost any cards. I very rarely delete a few shots while the card is in the camera. Does the numbering change when you move a card from one body to another? The a6500 was a rental body so I don't recall how the numbering was set up in the Settings. Can anyone shed any light on this numbering issue? Thanks.
  16. Thanks, I guess I will just have to try some of my old minolta lenses and see it they come up full frame or aps-c using my LA-EA3 adapter.
  17. Last week
  18. I have an A6000 camera which I use on my vacations and I have been using a cable to download the pics to my MacBook. It gets quite tedious to do this every night in a different hotel, especially when I'm also downloading pics from my wife's RX100 III. I realize that I could use the hotel's wifi network, but we're in a different hotel every night or every other night and some of the hotel's wifi networks are pretty slow. Is there a way of connecting the computer to the camera's wifi network, similar to how pics can be exporting wirelessly from the camera to a smartphone? When I tried to do this at home, the computer sees and connects to the camera's wifi network, but it doesn't ask for the password nor does the camera show up in Finder. What am I doing wrong? Is there another way of exporting pics that doesn't involve the hotel's wifi? Thanks for your help!!
  19. hello sorry! i'm so used to read english that in my mind i was reading this forum in my own language 😮 anyway: hello i got a question about the APS-C super35mm" function In video mode some functions cannot be used, so i usually use photo mode even to register videos, in S dial mode, so the camera can adjust all parameters by herself mantaining the shutter speed rule 25p 1/50 - 100p 1/200, etc. Do you think there is some problem using photo mode to shot videos?? However, if I use the crop function, the megapixels displayed on the screen decrease (rightly because you cut out a piece of sensor) My question is: if I start recording a video in crops mode selected, does this loss of quality in terms of Megapixels persist and will I therefore have less defined images? or does it only apply to photos? Thanks for your attention, greetings
  20. I'm not exactly knowing this, but would derive that 61 Megapixel times 14bit/Pixel (uncompressed raw) results in at least 61.000.000 [Pixel] * 14 [bits/Pixel] / 8 [bits / Byte] = 106.750.000 Byte = 101.80 MB An additional ~ 50 MB like the clerk told you would be an awful lot of an overhead. I doubt the 150MB figure.
  21. If you select ILCE7RMII, the lenses that do not indicate full frame are the ones that have DT in their model designation like i mentioned. The Minolta A-Mount lenses were almost all full frame except for the 3 i listed in my previous post. Sony had a better selection of DT lenses since they were developing the line but these also have DT in their model names. So in that page , if you only look for the ones with a small square that says full frame. You will notice almost all Minolta lenses do not mention this ( i don't understand why) but they do and many have a clone in the Sony that are mentioned full frame ( 16 Fisheye, 20mm, 28mm F 2.8, 50mm F 1.4, 300mm F 2.8, 500F8 RF, 50 and 100mm Macro lenses) Sony probably does not want to over-promote the older lenses !!!
  22. @Valerio It might help to give us an English translation.
  23. Hello! Does anybody know, how big the RAW files from the 7R IV will be? (compressed and uncompressed)? I ordered the SDXC Class10 UHS-II R300 128GB card, but the shop assistant told me, the filesize will be higher than 150MB, so only about 800 shots will find place on it and I should buy another 260$ card. Is this true? Thank you a lot
  24. I forgot to mention that when you get to the website you have to indicate which camera model you are using. If I remember, the 7rii is ILCE7MR2.
  25. ILCE-6300 – support.dimaging.sony.co.jp This the the place my fumbling around for research on lenses for the alpha a7rii sent me to. It list a lot of different older lenses and indicates if they will appear in full frame or aps-c. I was assuming it was correct about most of the older a-mount lenses, but I hope you guys are correct, as I have also ordered adapters for canon and pentax lenses as well.. thanks for the prompt answer to my inqiry, as I don't really know yet how to navigate thru this forum.
  26. Hello When I shoot a vlog at home, the light of my video changes when there is some cloud in the air or when the sun comes out. I'm using it in manual mode. What setting should I use to keep my light steady when shooting videos
  27. Hi Good day. Sorry for a long post... I am messed up with too much info online, so seeking help from forum members... I have bought Sony a7iii body, but totally confused with a video lens to choose (at present due to budget has to go for only 1 lens - any lens <$1000, better if less best) Purpose of Usage is making Self Content (not for client): 50% Videos Shoot (Youtube Videos & Short Indie Films but good cinematic quality) 30% Vlogging Videos (Still with tripod in a room not travel handheld, buying external monitor to lookup) 20% Still Photoshoot (For Thumbnails & Social Media Graphics) #1 Most pref. i might need autofocus lens so non professional helper can use it to make my videos, if lets say i am anchoring/acting in video. #2 Might use with DJI gimble in future, so not too long / heavy lens #3 Confused with 50 mm vs 35 mm (as most videos will be indoor/rooms, so i think 35 better ?) any disadvantage of 35 over 50 ??? for full frame body #4 With sony a7iii eye / face tracing autofocus, do we still opt for fixed cinelenses / prime still lenses ? Is focus breathing and light change a big issue in making videos ? #5 What to choose Samyang cine 1.5 vs Sigma Art vs Sony G vs Other options ? Keeping in mind <$1000 range A detailed suggestion will be wonderful and life saving... God Bless... Sushant PS: Have recently used a7s2 with Samyang Cine lens 1.5 - the output with proper led lights was decent / good, not out of the world... and sometime face out of focus (its a manual lens, too much time consuming retakes, espc if its time to time movement based / kids game / walking type) you know many time actors face/body move forward and backward while talking.... bokeh was okaish, as in rooms you really dont have much distance behind...
  28. https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/11055-ilce-7rm2-software-update-401/
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