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  2. Hello again Pieter. Yes, indeed, the white LRD does blink, as it should. I have tried all the flash settings in the camera, and nothing makes a difference. I'm beginning to think there's a fault with my camera.
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  4. I don't have an answer to the weight question. I purchased the Wimberley AP-609 from B&H for $79.00. It does lower the profile nominally.
  5. Bright Sky by RICO Lee, on Flickr Single long exposure, whitebalance, colour tone and local brightness contrast adjustments done with Capture One; further processed in Photoshop for denoise and stacking up extra layer of same shot using colour dodge blend mode for emphasizing highlights. Tweak overall tone with LAB colour profile, and export. Sony A7m3 Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 FB: https://www.facebook.com/ASDgraphy/
  6. Any firmware update has risks, mainly if the update is interrupted midway. Most important thing to remember is to use a fully charged battery (or near full charge). I've done two firmware updates on my Sony A7RIII without problem. All settings were retained. One of the updates addressed the memory card issue you mentioned. I always update to the latest firmware, just to see what is new. Check the release notes to see if you think it is worth the update in your case, then follow the instructions. From memory, you need to remove your memory cards prior to updating. Also, I think you need to connect the camera to a PC to do the update. I use a notebook with a charged battery. Once the update starts, do not move or even touch the camera, computer or connecting cable. Hope that helps...
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  8. Does the white LED on the i40 start blinking while the flash is mounted on your a6000, whith the camera on? If so the problem should be in the flash settings of the camera. Try changing those a bit (set flash mode to fill instead of rear or front curtain), maybe reset the i40 if it doesn't work the first time. It really should work that way. Maybe also check this movie for reference:
  9. Beautiful shot! Amazing that he let you get so close. Mahao, jim
  10. Absolutely beautiful!!! Well done!!! Mahalo, jim
  11. A follow-up to my own question, in the event someone else has the same issue. Touch track DOES work in 4k mode. Not sure why I couldn't get it to go. A Sony rep helped me out - ended up resetting the camera to default settings, enabled the necessary menu items and it now works. It may have been a related setting or just s glitch. Either way, it is working now.
  12. Hi once again Pieter. Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I have done as you described, but sadly the shutter speed is still limited to 1/160.
  13. Sigma lenses are great for image quality and sharpness but the only downside is that Autofocus isn't reliable, especially for video. I've had the 35mm and the 50mm using the MC-11 adapter on my a7ii and it will hunt quite a bit sometimes. If you're willing to use Manual Focus most of the time I'd say go for it. Keep in mind I always kept my lens, camera and adapter updated with the latest firmware. Samyang and Rokinon are pretty much the same company with different names. They have the manufacturers so there would be no difference in choosing one brand over the other. I have the Rokinon 50mm F1.4 and the AutoFocus is barely usable especially in AF-C. My lens isn't update so that maybe the reason. I wouldn't buy it unless it's updated or if you are planning to get the Lens Station for future updates.The colors on the Rokinon were a little weird to me too. The photos come out slightly more yellowish/orange and sometimes acts up even with a color checker passport. All in all, if you're interested in third party lenses, I'd look at Sigma because image quality, detail, distortion, and colors are far better than Rokinon and Samyang. Hope this helps! https://elgopro.myportfolio.com/ https://www.instagram.com/elgopro/
  14. What do you shoot most? Landscapes? Portraits? Sports? How much are you willing to drop?
  15. Hi, so my Sony A6000 fell and I cracked my lcd screen on the inside. The glass itself is fine but the lcd is showing damage such as white lines starting from where it took the hit. Also the part of the screen that was hit has gone black. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it repairable and how much would it cost more or less?
  16. Thank You for Your answer... Of course I agree with You... I tried Helicon a couple of days ago, but Ps works definitely better. A.
  17. Hy everybody, last week i faced some issues regarding SD Card support of the sony a7 iii. There seems to be a bug with some models of the Sandisk Extreme 128GB SDXC Memory Card Browsing the web, i found out that a Firmware Upgrade may fix this issue. My question which could not be answered by my research: 1) Will my settings on the camera still be there after the Firmware Upgrade? Or is there any chance to save it somehow? 2) I never did a Firmware Upgrade. But i am afraid that it will fail or maybe the camera get some new unknown bugs... Does anybody know if Sony Firmware Updates are risky and you should avoid it? Or it is recommended because of some improvements you gain by doing an upgrade?
  18. I am using the Sony A7s2 and I've started to shoot weddings, I bought a Pixel AG-C2 battery grip in aid of prolonging the need to change batteries as regularly as I was having to (without a battery grip) Now I want to get a camera cage so I can begin to up my gear and build my set up, the cage I want is the SmallRig 2031 which accommodates for a battery grip, however it is apparently only compatible with the official Sony VGC2EM and Sony VELLO BG-S3 grips. If I can, I am hoping to avoid spending any unnecessary money on a new battery grip to accommodate for the camera cage (though I am fully prepared to splash out a bit), I've measured my grip to the Sony grip (by eye admittedly) and they look very similar, the positions of the buttons and the tripod screw look almost identically placed, so I'm thinking it may work BUT obviously I am not expecting it to. MY QUESTION IS THIS-- has anyone else used an alternative battery grip with the SmallRig Camera cage (2031) and had it successfully fit? or has anyone specifically used the Pixel AG-C2 with said camera cage and had it fit successfully? Many thanks in advance
  19. AlphaHvam

    Hua Lamphong

    Picture from the nostalgic, romantic and crowded Bangkok Railway Station, Hua Lamphong
  20. Not sure wether it is too late too answer. I have this problem too. Sometimes it works but sometimes not. It really frastruting. Then I used the inside app remote control, it works perfectly for camera and iPad. Really convenient. But if you want to change settings in Capture One, then you are not able to do it.
  21. Hi - I currently go manual focus, zoom into the image preview and use the focus peaking to try and find the areas in focus. I then shift the focus a tiny amount manually and repeat. Alternatively, I use my macro focus rail I pruchased for the job. https://www.mainlinephoto.com.au/sunwayfoto-mfr-150s-macro-focusing-rail-with-screw-knob-clamp/ I usually just use photoshop to combine, but find it doesn't do some stacks properly. Today I tried a trial version of Zerene Stacker and it did quite a decent job. Not sure if I would pay money for Zerene or just buy Helicon Focus. HTH...
  22. Couple of weeks ago I shot this photo with Sony A7III + Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 with the help of Godox TT685S: Also wrote a short blog-post about it, in case anyone is interested 👇 https://www.strobotti.com/article/2019-03-06/shot-in-the-dark
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  24. I have an old Tamron 28-300mm 1:3.5-6.3 AF Aspherical LD Zoom Lens. This is for a Nikon mount. Not sure about the exact mount type though. Is it possible to use this on my A6000 at all? If yes, please guide me with the right adapters to mount the above lens.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm an entry level user, I've been using my mom's Nikon D3100 for the past month, and I want to get a Sony for video. I can get (used) either an A3500 (that i can see before buying) or the NEX-6 (online) for exactly the same price. Main use would be filming (docummentary/short films) though I'd also like to keep taking photos. Which one should I go with?
  26. THANK YOU! I have no idea how that got set, didn't even know that setting existed. Will research it now! But thank you! Cheers!
  27. Iansky

    The arrivals

    We recently had a number of B52's arrive at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, UK for a large NATO exercise. I managed to get some time over a couple of days to photograph some of the arrivals and it was windy on both days but still presented some good photos despite having to shot through the fence for some images.
  28. Sony A7 and Sony 28/2.0. Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr Winter St. Petersburg by Ivan Pavlov, on Flickr
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