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  2. yea you are good then, a7r2 has plenty of pixels for photography
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  4. Hi. these will be full frame prime lenses. I manually focus. I do Landscape, astrophotography and macro. cheers stu
  5. Hi, the lenses you are thinking of putting on A7r2 are they full frame or apsc? you might loose some auto-focusing performance with non-native lenses. Have you looked into a6100 a6400 a6600?
  6. I think it depends on what software the recipient is using to view the attachment. I don’t think most mail programs will be able to see all the metadata. Are they viewing the photo from email or viewing the attachment as a separate file?
  7. Hi! I'm new to the a7R IV and I occasionally use it as a webcam for longer video meetings. I've noticed that when it's on and being used there seems to be a slight "exposure heartbeat" effect, especially when I shift in the frame (which makes me think it may be an auto focus issue?) Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a setting I need to turn off? Or is this a camera defect? Any thoughts would be super helpful! Thanks! Exposure Flicker.mov
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  9. Old audio guy, New to a6100. It is being used to record church services. We are having a frustrating audio noise issue...BACKGROUND NOISE, call it "white-noise-like," that is present in all audio tracks, regardless if we use the internal mics, or high-quality, external mics via a Yamaha mixer (via unbal line outs and direct box connection). The noise is there IF the cameras record level is operating in its mid range (watching the green LEVEL bars as they indicate input level). The only way to get rid of the noise is to turn the RECORD LEVEL down so low that the recorded sound is waayyy too low in amplitude. Compared to the recorded audio from a decent cell phone THIS SUCKS!....ANY help or ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks
  10. Im looking to email Jpeg images with metadata info using the Sony A7111. Is there a way to store these settings after I have taken the photos? When I click on the images I can see the info, and the sd card is unlocked, the email recipient cannot access any information though. Thanks Sarah
  11. Hey all, I have a a6600 and an a6400 doing some streaming. When I pug the 6600 into a usb as well as the HDMI to charge the stream turns off?? The 6400 is fine? Ive checked the settings on both cameras I think are the same. Im reasonably new to the Sony a series so I may have missed something and hope someone can help.
  12. Was the background added in post? There is a strange fringing on my monitor...predominantly around the blue of the dress.
  13. At the risk of sounding flippant, if you're serious about producing good quality prints on good quality paper you will have to spend serious money. Such printers offer 8 to 10 large capacity ink cartridges with the ability to handle a variety of paper sizes and thicknesses such as Epson Sure Color P600 or P800, Canon Pixma Pro 100s, etc. Buying a consumer grade printer will save money but limits output quality and use of better (think thicker) fine art papers. I use an Epson P800 and am very happy with the quality of the prints and is now available at well below its $1,200 cost due to the release of newer models. Good luck!
  14. Good evening to all and good rest of summer! A walk with my moto Tenere midweek on its beaches Vourvourous of Halkidiki at Greece. Awesome waters and worth going for those who have not gone. Maybe the karidi has the 'name' like THE beach of the area but personally Fava at (1:30 minutes) withered more, not of course that the karidi was ugly! here is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnkED5wC8kA
  15. Thanks Chrissie, yes this stuff can wait, asthma attack and pretty darn serious. I had a long time friend pass away a couple months ago from it. Last week I did decide to order a hood to try it. Although I have not tested it extensively, it is working well with no errors Can't wait to be better and take it for a spin. Take care.
  16. Welcome to our forum! I'm not sure I understand your question. Generally, there are two possible photo formats - uncompressed (raw or RAW) or compressed (JPEG). RAW gives you the best quality, but it comes with bigger files and you have to "develop" the photos with a software for RAW editing. JPEG files are compressed lossy and come with smaller file sizes. Additionally, they store special colour settings configured in the camera (e.g. black and white) which RAW doesn't, since the RAW data results directly from the reading of the sensor with no additional processing. For JPEG you can select different quality profiles - Extra Fine will give you the best results. If you choose RAW & JPEG you'll get 2 files - RAW and JPEG STD.
  17. I have a Sony a77ii with multiple lenses. I have been taking pictures since I was 10 with my first camera KODAK 127. I took 10,000 photos while in nam so I have a pretty good understanding of photography but am still looking to learn more. I have been a digital user for about 7 years and am just now getting to feel like I starting to understand some things. I have some questions if there is someone out there who can help me. I would like to know in the "QUALITY" section of my menu, it lists the following: RAW, RAW & jpeg, STD, FINE and Extra Fine. Could somebody please explain what each one means and which one should I be thinking about. Thanks.
  18. I just bought the Sigma 56mm f1.4. I haven't taken it out for a real-world spin yet. I don't have the Sony 50mm f1.8 OSS to compare, but I do have the 35mm f1.8 OSS for my A6400. Just testing the AF speed around my room in normal light on still objects, the Sigma 56mm seems slower to focus compared to my SEL35F18. There's a few times it had to search a bit for focus, whereas the SEL35F18 is super quick on the AF speed.
  19. I have a Canon 100s (I believe it’s called) printer great results from this machine.
  20. Hi, Im thinking of upgrading from an Olympus OMD em1 mk 1 With a 12 to 40 mm F2.8 pro lens to a Sony A7r mk 2. I would goto mk 3 but have limited funds. I can part exchange my Olympus camera and digital lens. Initially I will use legacy Olympus OM Zuiko lenses with a novoflex adaptor. Sony glass later. I have a nice collection of OM lenses 24 mm to 300mm, including a 90mm F2 macro. My favourite. My interests are landscape , astronomy and macro photography. I would be interested in people's views on whether this is a good idea and the likely improvement in image quality 🙂 thanks stu
  21. Hi - I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find any useful and concise information on how to take multiple (double) exposure images in camera using my Sony a7rIV. Please can you let me know whether this is possible and how? Thanks, Richard
  22. My newest video where I explore Cyprus is up! It’s not JUST a country. It is home to a diverse fauna, flora and culture that you can spend a long time experiencing. This is just a fraction of the trip, but at the same time it hopefully gives a sense of the atmosphere there is! If you enjoyed the video please do me a favor and do all the usual good stuff on YouTube. Thank you guys! (I primarily used Sony A6400 for this video) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_LtosWbMvQ
  23. Hi, I'm experiencing the same thing. I’m shooting full frame uncompressed RAW, recording Simultaneously to two Sony Tough 128Gb UHS-II SD cards. Sometimes my write speeds are very quick and other times it takes 5-10 seconds per image as you had stated. It seems to correct itself when I power cycle the camera. But I’d like to know what causes this or know if I have a defective unit because the buffer will continue to fill up if it takes 5-10 seconds per photo. Caused me to miss a few wildlife shots the other day. Please let me know if you find a more permanent solution.
  24. I hope it's nothing serious, and get well soon! The lens hood, whatever its kind, can certainly wait. Hang in there!
  25. I am sure i got some great replies and looking forward to reading them once I am better, I ended up in the hospital over the weekend.
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