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  2. And what retouching tools did you use?
  3. Good morning all, switched over from Nikon a week ago, i have AEON set to zone and my joy stick set to flexi tracking spot (im happy with all these) my issue is here, hope someone can help. after watching Mark Galer video about setting the AEL button to BIF (birds in flight), i have done this, however, i cant for whatever reason get the focus point set to WIDE. No matter what i try it keeps mirroring my AEON button which is set to zone. im shooting with the A9 / 200-600 lens help please
  4. Given the other gear in your arsenal you'll surely be disappointed. The non-LE version supposedly is a bit better but also more bulky. If you don't want so swap lenses and want a versatile zoom range, I think you'll be better off getting an RX10IV.
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  6. Personally, I've always avoided making changes to a memory card from the computer. The "unable to display" error is minor. I always worry something worse might happen. I always format the card in camera after copying files onto my computers. The name sequence restart is inconvenient, but there are ways to minimize it. After import to your files to the computer, batch rename them. Another post mentioned app for this. If you are using a Mac, that feature is built in to the OS. Just select all the files, right click and choose "rename" for the contextual menu. There are few options, including "format." This will let you set a custom name with index numbers. The whole process takes seconds. I'm sure Windows has something similar. Another option is to simply use folders. Place today's images in a folder with today's date. Download tomorrow's images into a new folder with that date, etc. That still gives you multiple C001, C002, etc. However, they are separated into dated folder. They can also be batch renamed easily prior to starting your edit.
  7. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of shooting at the beach. I don’t dare take the A7RIV. I also don’t dare change lenses at the beach. I’ve been using the Sony 70-350 mm for shooting seagulls. But, 70 mm is too long for other beach photos and as I said, I don’t dare change lenses at the beach. I have the Sony 18-135 mm, but 135 is too short. So, I’m thinking the Sony 18-200 mm LE lens. I’ve seen mixed reviews on that lens. Any Opinions? John
  8. Hello, I am able to reach Playmemories online and when I sign into my account I can see the paid apps I was using on my A7S2, however there is no way for me to connect my camera and download the apps onto my newer A7S3. I am using Catalina on an iMac and my A7S3 does not get verified. I am able to connect my camera with my iPhone and use the Imaging Edge software but I especially need my paid apps such as the Digital Filter Upgrade HDR. Other apps such as Star Trails and Time-lapse are also not downloading. Does the A7S3 support apps?
  9. Anyone get the Image Edge Webcam to work on a Mac? I've installed the software and tried a variety of configs but no luck getting Zoom to see it as a webcam. I looked in System Report and the computer is seeing the camera.
  10. My brand new A7S3 hits 120 fps 422 effortlessly with a Lexar V60 card. Was planning to get a CExpress card but found it too expensive. I chose to go the Ninja V way with far far cheaper SSD cards, I got 4TB for about $500, while the SONY 128GB SF-G TOUGH SERIES UHS-II SDXC MEMORY CARD costs me a dear $ 220! Hooked the A7S3 with my Ninja V and was outputting PRORES RAW 4K @30p It cannot get any better because one does not even need RAW all the time, but getting 10 bit ProRes is the real treat! Since I do a lot of outdoor Docu shoots and cycle tours, I really like the small 5" Ninja V + A7S3 to any other camera or the larger recorders.
  11. Yeah. Formatting destroys custom settings but there's a solution for this. PRIVATE>SONY>SETTING>7SM2N (My camera)> CAMPR001.DAT. That's the file that holding custom settings. Save it to your computer so you can copy it to the card after formatting and you can avoid the reconfiguration tango.
  12. If you don't have red-eye reduction on your body set to ON, i would say it is normal since there has to be a Pre-Flash for the TTL metering to operate properly. This pre-flash is usually more subtle like a single weak flash. Are you also sure you are not in WL ? Try with the flash in Manual mode ( the flash, not the body) and see if it is still pre-flashing. If it is, find if your body has a Red-Eye reduction function (which it should as per the specs)
  13. Nice I will definitely try this out So you are for formating the card anyway, on camera or laptop but just let it restart the counter and rename it when you import 🤔 Maybe I can script something with Hazel or Automator, to copy the M1,2,3,4 → Format →Put back the settings files in 🤔
  14. Renaming in the computer. A rename program will number /name them to any convention you choose. Set the parameters. Drag the files into the renamer. Bang. That's it. Takes 15 seconds at most.
  15. I didn't find a way to delete all files at once on camera. I'll look for that Thanks [EDIT] As I thought, apprently there is no way to delete all, only day by day... But it's already a step... Source: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61096618
  16. It's quite a big extra step to do, but I guess it's one way of solving it... Are you renaming in camera or on the computer ? I guess you then have to manually enter the number to follow the previous sequence. But this is probably the shortest way.
  17. That would be either red eye reduction or the communication signals for freestanding flashes.
  18. Hi. I have been studying portrait photography for a little over a year. Tell me, did you retouch the model's face?
  19. Greetings I left Canon after 30+ years and it’s been one of the best decisions of my career. I reside on a island in SW Florida. I’m always willing to help someone planning a vacation to my region of Florida, with suggestions concerning photography locations. I started the mirrorless pursuit with the purchase of a a7Riv and the a9ii. Even though I’m now retired and no longer shoot weddings or any commercial stuff. I can honestly say Sony makes shooting wildlife , bird and landscapes easy. Jon H
  20. I just test drove my tamron 70-180 today. It is one of the sharpest lens in my short but growing line up.
  21. Hello Ladies and Gents. Just saying hello. I am currently shopping for and about ready to go on a Sony Alpha A7II. I have have 3 Full Frame Cameras in the past, the first two of which met with disaster. The third my son has but I am talking about film cameras. So I will going through the the threads here and trying to learn.
  22. Sounds like a good set up. Watch youtube videos of these lenses that is how I made my decisions.
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